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About VRI

VRI (formerly Vet Resources, Inc) is an Ames, IA company established in 1993. Under nearly twenty years of leadership from Drs. Ryan Saltzman and Lyle Kesl, VRI had continued growth with research services and facilities. In 2017, VRI was purchased by AMVC. VRI is an industry leader in the conduct of innovative research to support the animal health industry. VRI executes research projects on behalf of biological/pharmaceutical firms in support of vaccines, injectable pharmaceuticals, feed grade pharmaceuticals, water delivered pharmaceuticals, and other products used in the livestock industry.  Projects are conducted in a federally classified biosafety level 2 research facility and/or conventional livestock facilities.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to precisely execute studies in order to provide our customers with the results and data that they can trust as accurate and can stand behind as scientifically valid.”

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